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From 0 to Snowflake in 90 Minutes

Find out what Snowflakes could mean to you and come to our breakfast session on the 21st of June at the HNK Building in Forepark, Oude Middenweg 17, The Hague.

Learn about the time and costs you can save on your projects by using Snowflake as the backend for your Data Warehousing and BI. The first zero-management Database build from the ground up for the Cloud.

(Pay per second, Automatic suspending, Lineair scaling, Time traveling, etc.) 



Depending on your needs, you can either decide to contract us for audits, advisory, consultancy, fixed-price or fixed-time in-house projects. We will go through your requirements and give you an offer and advise what kind of services would fit the best.



We do our development with all different kind of tools and languages like Java, Angular JS, Python, PL/SQL, Git, Sourcetree, Rundeck and a lot more on databases like Oracle, Sql Server, Redshift, Postgresql, Aurora, Cassandra, MongoDB, Hadoop.



We can design and build your data lake, data warehouse and your business intelligence and analysis for you using tools from Tibco, SAP BI, Tableau, QlikView, Microstrategy, Talend, Oracle, Apache, Microsoft and others.



Cloud makes it easier to do research and set up new strategies and possibilities. We can help you benefit of the possibilities there are, but also keep an eye on costs and security. At this moment we recommend Amazon Web Services as the preferred solution to go.